Gifts are always appreciated and welcomed, and in no way an obligation! If you are feeling generous or would like to give me a tangible token of appreciation, feel free to surprise me! 

All gifts will be welcomed graciously and enthusiastically - you might have to stop me from showering you with kisses! It's not about how grand your gift is, it's that you had me in your mind when you were giving - and this is what pleases me most. 


One of my favourite qualities that I admire in others is their generosity. Before you scroll past this, I would strongly encourage you to read my blog post

Charity:water campaign [September/October 2016]

I donate a significant amount of funds to these organisations ever year in my personal name, and it would mean a lot to me if you would join me in making a tribute to them as well. 

Things that I will always love: 

For those who want the specifics:

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Do surprise me with something that you'd think I'd adore as well, this list is not exhaustive.