Everything in the world began with a yes.
— Clarice Lispector

Please make sure you read my cancellations and refunds policy here

I endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24-48 hours, but feel free to send an enquiry again after the 48h mark.

Intrinsic details:

I discriminate against nothing but manners. Ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations are not relevant to my decision to see you. Please remember to read my etiquette page :) 

Privacy, discretion and confidentiality are at the cornerstone of what I do. To my knowledge, I am the only provider in Singapore using encrypted services for both email and mobile communications and I am more than happy to verify the apps that I use. All prospective clients must read my blog post outlining discretion. 

Screening is non-negotiable: You trust me with your information, I trust you with my physical and emotional safety. I aim for quality encounters with each individual I meet, and for this reason I am inclined to see only those who are forthcoming and open with their verification details. 

Filling up my contact form does not guarantee you a date, you have only simply requested that I set aside my time to meet you at a date and time of your preference. 

In order to secure your date, I would require a deposit in advance. I am also perfectly accepting of prepayments in full. Do note that the specific deposit amount varies, but generally the proportion will be higher for tours. I have several discreet workarounds that will be made known to you subsequently. 


On average, I host incalls very 2-3 months, which is what my extremely tight personal schedule can accommodate currently. I prefer to host in 4/5 star hotels with convenient locations and discreet facilities. I usually notify existing clients of my incalls up to 1 month in advance to allow for ample planning. I do not host incalls if I do not get sufficient advance bookings secured with a deposit. If you'd like to be notified on my incall dates, please send in your pre-screening forms and indicate your interest. 

Incall planning is underway for July. Confirmed dates will first be revealed to regulars and pre-screened folks!


Dates with me would ideally require about 24-48 hours' notice as I can be fleeting. Same-day bookings can be arranged should our schedules coincide(usually only during incalls), but it is extremely rare!

First impressions are forever. A polite and reasonably detailed enquiry will always get more attention and care than one that is clearly inadequate. 

For first-time clients, I've written a Q&A-style guide when it comes to booking a date with me! 


This option is for those who don't have a concrete date in mind for us to meet yet, or those who would like to register interest in getting priority for future dates. Get in touch!

My limited availability means that pre-booking with me is extremely common.

Extra discretion:

If any of the below conditions apply to you, please make sure you tick "Extra Discretion" in my contact form and I will be sure to reveal to you my workarounds regarding your relatively more delicate circumstances in our subsequent correspondence.

  • Your professional colleagues are staying in the same hotel as you 
  • Your personal connections are staying in the same hotel as you
  • You are of high prominence in society (locally and/or internationally)